The Dr Garage doors stocks a complete line of commercial and industrial garage doors, from steel roll up doors, to commercial gates.

The Dr Garage doors stands behind their commercial doors with 24 hour emergency service. If you need doors for your business that are economically priced and made with exceptional durability, contact the SOS team.

Always consider your commercial & industrial overhead door as important as any other piece of equipment in your building. Industrial and commercial garage doors open and close several times a day on a constant operation basis. Choosing any low-quality garage door may increase costs and worries for your business.

An industrial door that's stronger

The Dr Garage doors Industrial doors are designed to stand up to the tests of time... and people. Constructed of crush-resistant polyurethane with metal walls and exclusive interlocking joints, the panels form a super-strong "sandwich". With strength and durability built in for the long run, you can be sure you're making a choice you'll never regret.

The Dr Garage doors system that lasts longer

A key factor in the durability of a door is its hardware. Components that are not robust enough can become the source of high repair and maintenance costs. The price differential between two choices can be minimal and far less than the cost of repeated maintenance calls. Make sure you're buying the components that will stand up to your requirements.


Client Speaks

"I called around and you can find cheaper but you won't find better. You get what you pay for with these guys."

Bob Long Island

Client Speaks

Our garage door had been getting stuck and not opening all the way for a long time and one day, the door wouldn't go up at all. Dr Garage fixed the broken rollers, got it all straightened out and now it works great!

Miri Bronx

Client Speaks

 Dr Garage door arrived 15 minutes early, was courteous and professional, and did a great job. I would highly recommend Dr Garage door  n

Thanks again, Deborah Brooklyn








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